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Sterling Destination is the luxury concierge company specializing in designing the world’s most exclusive vacation travel. Sterling came to us to solve a lackluster sales performance. The collections are designed to indulge the well traveled.

Powered from the human truths that people share a more enriching and lasting memories through experiences, Epic campaign was developed to leverage Sterling as a destination for love. Focused on fondest memories, we showed love in its many glorious ways.

Epic Love campaign aims to engage couples and build inspiring content for Sterling Destination. Newlyweds are encouraged to share their most romantic stories to win an unique experience.


It is a year long partnership that builds Sterling into a premium brand for vacation travelers. Surpasing its goal with an increase of 200% in viewership to website, 60% above average opening rate to direct mail, and sales leads.

Project: Print Advertising | Content | Digital Campaign 


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